Free Financial Resource Websites for learning

I have shadowy experience in Finance. But still, I tried to learn finance with the freely available resources in the Internet. Here is the list of sites which i feel are the best to get inspired, get it learned and get it applied.

These are the few free financial resources useful for learning financial concepts.


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Science of ‘YoU’

The extreme theory of your thoughts and actions is marked on frequency theory and i strongly believe in this. Our Brain waves varies from time to time. You are a science and lets go through it.

The Science Says:

Delta wave is the highest amplitude with the frequency of 1-4 Hz. Theta waves fall in the range between 4-7Hz. Alpha wave are in the range of 8-12 Hz and Beta waves are between 12-30Hz.

  • Beta waves – You are working/concentrating/alert/focus
  • Alpha Waves – You are relaxed/reflecting/rest/eyes closed
  • Theta Waves –  You are drowsy/meditation/idea
  • Delta waves –  You are in deep sleep/intuition

The Religion says:

The obvious motto of all religions in today’s world are

  • Love all
  • Meditate/Pray
  • Not to sin

What should you say?

Science and religion both mean the same, start in different ways, but end in same ideologies. Those who have high beta waves are accustomed to stress, agitation and strong desire. Those who are marked with alpha state are more of a day dreamer. Those who are in theta state are good meditators. Now what happens during meditation or a prayer is that you achieve a frequency that is equal to the atmosphere’s magnetic radiations/frequency and you feel sensation of happiness beyond your body. Conditional behaviours start developing and your subconscious mind functions optimally in a theta state. People who practice meditation/prayer are supposed to have a peaceful and calm life. The best example is the buddhist monk. On a relative term, a person who has capability to stream across different frequencies having definite control on his mind is also proved to be a strong person. The claim on is, heaven and hell are your brain waves. If you are an agitated person who have never been able to reach frequencies of theta or lower alpha consciously are at a risky stake of not be adopted to the atmospheric frequency and hence the wave tend to remain earthly after death(Hell). Then a rebirth of this wave happens, thus finding a place to be born again ending up in a cycle to be conjoined with the cosmic frequency (Heaven). The cycle of rebirth is explained in almost all the religions. You can try linking emotions, desires, characteristics with science and religion. I was advocating this to various people and finally many suggested on this supposed link to our life, religion and science.  All our religious fundamentals circumvent within this theory of frequencies. All laws and regulations of religions somewhere will admonish on these scientific concepts. I believe in this, hope you too. For clarifications, Hit me back!!!

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History Vs Hardon collider

The most sincere way of observing science is to read history. Experimenting with science is a mere waste. The normal turnaround of way of life, its depth, materialism and healthy living is all experimented, tested and proved. The science experimentation done today are mere extensions. Imagine an architecture designed, built in heights in  B.C without any cranes, while only elephants existed to carry materials. The eastern mysticism and the greek philosophy had messaged it out earlier to the modern world, the nitty gritty, evolution and existense of the world. From an atom to nuclear weapons, all are discovered and utilized in history. The physics, chemistry, biology has been well studied than today. The cosmo physics are taught  in details while people now are still under doubt of their existence and evolution. The recent Hardon Collider experiment is one such proof for ongoing search on these topics. Maybe hardon collider is filled with jazzy scientific terms and theories that are composite to a layman. The astrology and astronomy were older concepts and still we can find people circumvolve in it. There is no doubt that the generation-X should comprehend in ease, the simple truth about life. Whenever i come across a bus, I used to watch the face of different people, complex as always, and i used to say to myself, I am also one in them.

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The worst of economy in 2010

Ha, again, Media just doing the right work to optimistically support  the  world claiming that economic recession would recover in early 2010. This is quite momentary. I have been discussing about recession and its effect in different countries with a lot of people. Well, lot of news channel with varied perception and one common striking note all of them enthusiastically make is the recovering of the recession. Recently, had a brainstorming session with one of an economist (a good one in-fact with loads of supporting facts) and we concluded as worst of the economy in 2010 and only in 2012 the economy would recover. Few of the interesting facts are the Baltic sea index drastically declining, Europe with next biggest recession (unemployment rate is high, trade volumes lowering and some issues with the link of Swiss bank with  US) and Asia as an emerging market. Again, the totality of the recession is nothing but rational and should be solved in a radical way. One important recent news is that UK economy flinch by a shrinking 1.5% during the last three months of 2008. I just believe that, the world will go through a phase where people around the world will learn change. Change to wait.

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Brand Equity of Satyam Computers

Whenever there is a organizational crisis within the business ecosystem, the biggest loss for a company would be its brand equity. This indirectly reveals lack of trust from the stake holders towards the company which primarily includes customers, employees and the investors. When we talk about about brand equity of Satyam computers, I feel definitely that their customer would say a ‘No’ to continue. One of the various reasons is the feel and lack of trust to work with a badly reputed company and this feeling and disinterest can also be through the negative publicizing through media. Media, though has a intimate contribution to acclaim a company also disclaims a company. The same happened with Cadbury’s , Pepsi, etc etc. And the way they resolve the situation is by merely admitting the situation, being more open, talking to them and diagnosing. The brand equity is now down for Satyam and to manage, the one efficient way be strategizing for different end groups.

Define a strategy for different end groups. Strategize the approach to communicate to end groups such as, a strategy for customers, a strategy for employees, a strategy for investors, a strategy for people like you and me. I hope that the consistency in delivering projects and maintaining the quality of the delivery were never a problem for Satyam computers. Hope for the best for turnaround. When there is a will, there is a way.

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Slumdog Millionaires – Music Review

Slumdog MillionariesSlumdog Millionaires directed by Daniel Boyle was released in November 2008, adding to the movie success aligned is its music success. The music is composed by Indian musical Hero A.R Rahman. The movie was awarded for its best original score, he was the first Indian to bag a Golden Globe Award, off course all the credits to Rahman. There are 13 tracks in the movie, 10 by rahman, one by M.I.A , one being a copied song from a Hindi movie. Here goes my review.

1.Ringa Ringa – Great mix of Indian music, sort of bangra types. The song feature Alka Yagnik, the voice and the improvisation is fabulous.

2. Riots – Brilliantly taken over right from the start, the track is unique and great blend of music.

3. Dreams of Fire – Melody track, sung by suzanne. This is my favourite song from the movie. Smooth, modern and transformational music.

4. Gansta Blues – Sung by of rahman’s fav singer Blaaze, is a Hip-hop kind off song.

5. Jai Ho – is a Hindi song, is performed on memories of rahman’s friend.

6. Latika’s Theme – The theme is an musical version of ‘dreams of fire’, exceptionally delicate track to listen. The synchronization of sounds is perfect in the song.

7. Liquid Dance – Techno Sounds, modernized Indian music is all i can say. The conflating nature of music has to be applauded.

8. Mausam & Escape – Traditional indian music, the veena been used impressively. The progressive, fashionable and the traditional amalgamation is fabulous.

9. Millionaire – Techno babble.

10. Paper Planes – Composed by M.I.A. This is the coolest among all. Trendy and Voguish.

11. Paper Planes (DFA Mix) – Funky track, Remix is perfect.

12. O..sayya – The song is like a expedient. Sung by rahman himself and M.I.A

13. Aaj Ki Rat – Its a song from a Hindi movie ‘DON’

To conclude, all the track is completely varied from one another, from Hip-hop to Indian music. Coalesce is the music of Slumdog milionaire.

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Windows 7 – Much Awaited

Guess Windows 7 is all ready for launch and is on talk everywhere, and believe me, this will be the best OS till date. Functionality, Interface and User-Friendliness are the targeted features of the OS. The RAM specifications for Windows 7 is 1GB and processor speed is 1Ghz for optimal functioning, thus the rationality of Microsoft. Likewise Bill gates said, Windows 7 will be completely user centric. The multimedia and graphics will outsmart most of the other OS today. The superfine quality and the look is the key for the OS. The OS must be highly compatible with most of the applications and hardware.

The multi-touch screen options from Windows Touch will be  the coolest feature from Windows 7.  You could design images, integrate pictures and produce them using the touch screen options. Speech and Handwriting recognition are the other value added features. Now presentations can be delivered through multi-touch support.

Window screens will be  poised in the best way that any normal man would like to use it. I just believe that the philosophy of Microsoft is merely simple, yet powerful.

Check out this video of Windows 7

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